These Terms andConditions of use, hereinafter "Conditions" or "Terms" will regulate the rights and obligations that every "User" must observe when using the Platform technological of Focus Monk, hereinafter "The Company" or simply "FocusMonk,", whose promotional means and channels, including the website, voice service, content and products, all collectively referred to as the "Services”, are made available to Users. Any person who interacts with the Focus Monk, platform will be considered a User and these terms and conditions of use will therefore apply.

For the purposes of this instrument, it will be called"accumulation"the act by which a User activates the modality of screen lock of the Focus Monk, application (App) in order to accumulate points in order to encourage the non-use of cell phones, tablets or electronic devices.


Focus Monk, is owned by Atrapuntos SpA, a company incorporated under Chilean law and whose purpose provide technological services that promote or encourage the correct use of electronic devices in work and study environments, being able to reward its users in order to achieve greater use of its functionalities, and being a channel for advertising and marketing of goods and services that may interest the user, through an application and a web platform, hereinafter the "company".Both the aforementioned application and website are the property of AtrapuntosSpA, a person in the field of computer services and market research, unique TaxID number 76.835.056-6, with address at Calle Joan of Arc No. 2012, office 21, Providence.

Access to public areas of the Website orApplication can be done without the need to register as a User. However,certain areas of the Website are available only for the use of Users registeredon this platform. The registration must be made by creating a User account, forwhich you must provide the information indicated in the corresponding sectionof the Website (the “Account”). There are registration accounts for serviceproviders, called "Provider", "Providers" or"Senior", and accounts for clients of the services, whether naturalor legal persons. It will be necessary to create a user account to be a"provider". The platform will require the creation of a user accountprior to contracting a service by a non-registered user. In certain cases, theplatform will allow you to request services without the need to create a useraccount.

The creation of theAccount and the granting of the quality of Registered User of the Applicationthe Website they dependon Focus Monk, and will be strictly subject to compliance and acceptance ofthese Terms and Conditions. Therefore, Focus Monk may close, suspend orrestrict access to your Account or the services and/or restrict access forviolations of these Terms or any other agreement you have entered into withFocus Monk.

By accessing andusing this Application and/or Website you ("User") acknowledge thatyou have read and accepted these Conditions and agree to comply with all itsprovisions. Likewise, the User acknowledges and accepts that the access and useof this Application and/or Website will be subject to the Terms and Conditionsof use that are in force at the time they access it. Focus Monk reserves theright to modify these Terms and Conditions of use at any time with full respectfor the Laws that regulate the consumption of goods and services in Chile, aswell as any other general or particular conditions that result from theirapplication. Modifications to these Terms and Conditions will be notified tousers by email or at the next user login to the platform. When a change occursin these Terms and Conditions of Use, the user will not be able to contract orrequest services until they accept the new published Terms and Conditions.

Likewise, FocusMonk reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or stop operating the Applicationand/or the Website at any time.


The Company, through the use of its Technological Platform, will only provide connection services between independent providers called "Providers" or"Senior" on the one hand, and, on the other, persons, natural or legal, that require contracting the provision of some particular service that must be carried out in one of the cities of Chile where the Service is enabled, and where a Provider responds to the request, without prejudice to special agreements that could be agreed so that they are carried out in other areas or localities. Because of this, Focus Monk has the sole purpose of facilitating the connection between you, as a User, and a Provider, but in no case the provision of the required service. In addition, Focus Monk is a platform for advice, intermediation and provision of services for individuals who seek to offer their personal services permanently or temporarily, and for users who wish to contract said services, in turn Focus Monk provides a collection service and payment management and reviews the legal, reputational and personal history of the service provider.

Due to the foregoing, it will be your responsibility, as a User, to define precisely the services that you will require through the Platform without the Company having any responsibility in this regard. In addition, it will be your responsibility to define the precise conditions under which the provision of the service will be required and, likewise, to provide safe conditions for the execution of the service by the Provider.

There is not, nor will there be, any contractual relationship between Focus Monk and users other than the relationship generated by the use of the platform, regulated by these terms and conditions of use.


We try to ensure that the Platform, whether it is accessed through the Application or theWebsite, is normally available 24 hours a day, however, we do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to any part of the Platform. or theAccount, so they may, for whatever reason, not be available at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue or modify the Platform at any time and at our sole discretion, without prior notice.

Access to thePlatform and the Account may be temporarily suspended, and without prior notice, in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair, or for other reasons beyond our control.

In order to ensure the integrity of the Platform, we reserve the right to block access to thePlatform for Users of certain IP addresses at any time.

The User may only access the Platform, whether it is an Application and/or a Website, through authorized means. Focus Monk will not be responsible if the User does not have a compatible device or has downloaded a version of the Application that is incompatible with their device or has not updated the systems that allow the correct functioning of the platform.


For a correct and safe provision of the service, every User agrees to observe, prior to carrying out any work or activity by any Provider, compliance with the following conditions:

Security: Verify that the conditions of the place where the provision of a service by any Provider is required does not mean a condition of risk to your health or physical integrity.

Property: That the goods on which the Works orServices must be carried out are owned by the User and/or that he is legally capable of authorizing a third party to intervene or manage them.

Specification: Give the Provider a precise description of the work or services to be developed.

Means: Provide the Provider with all the necessary means for the timely and correct performance of the Work or the order, among them, money to make payment to third parties, payment of rates or taxes and documentation that enables it to develop the service, in case if necessary.

Independence: Keep in mind that the Provider is not an employee of the User or of Focus Monk, in such a way that the Provider may always act independently, notwithstanding its obligation to fully and timely develop the committed work.

Treatment: Always tend to a respectful and comprehensive treatment with the Provider. Any deviation of conduct by theProvider must communicate it directly to FocusMonk.

Focus Monk will not allow Users who communicate in a derogatory or discriminatory manner towards Providers or otherUsers to contract services through the platform. Focus Monk may at its discretion delete the accounts of those Users who contravene the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


Any user who voluntarily agrees to create an access account on the Platform or to enroll in any way in its database, process that will happen automatically for users using the accrual function, not only undertakes to provide truthful and reliable information for such purposes, but also grants express authorization so that Focus Monk can store, process, transmit and transfer said information to third parties, whether for statistical, commercial or marketing purposes, free of charge or onerous, whose authorization will be understood as granted in accordance with the provisions of the fourth article of Law No. 19,628 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Any material or information that you transmit, publish or enter on the Website will be considered reliable, non-confidential or proprietary, except for sensitive or personal data regulated in the clause16. In connection with the foregoing, Focus Monk may copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use this material and all information, images, sounds, text and other materials for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

The visitor or User is prohibited from publishing or transmitting to or from the Website any material or content: (a) that is contrary to morality and good customs; or (b) for which all necessary licenses and/or approvals have not been obtained; or(c) that constitutes or promotes conduct that could be considered a criminal offense, that may give rise to civil liability, or that is otherwise contrary to any applicable law, rule or regulation, or that violates the rights of any third party (including rights of privacy and intellectual property), any where in the world.

The visitor or the User will not engage in illegal conduct such as damage or computer attacks, will not alter, block or carry out any other act that prevents displaying or accessing any content, information or services on the Website and will not commit interception of communications, violations of the copyright, unauthorized use of terminals, identity theft, disclosure of secrets or false documents.

The visitor or User agrees to refrain from using the Website to distribute, sell, license, deliver or otherwise make available any service to third parties other than those offered by the platform, without the prior written consent of Focus Monk.

Focus Monk will cooperate with any police or judicial authority in the event that it is requested to disclose the identity of any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this clause, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The visitor or User will be responsible for the use made of the Website. Focus Monk applies all reasonable measures so that the data transmitted or published by the User or visitor to the Website is secure at all times. However, the User in turn acknowledges that there are instances that may damage, corrupt, delete or alter their data in any way, which are beyond our control. Therefore, the User accepts that it is his responsibility to back up his own data, information and other files that he transmits or posts on the Website. Under no circumstances will Focus Monk be responsible for breaches of the server on which the Website is located, for interception or loss of data or any other similar circumstance, unless these circumstances were caused due to our gross negligence.

The visitor or user may not deliver personal information and/or links to social networks or webpages for the purpose of personal or commercial dissemination. Users must adapt to the means of communication and information delivered through the platform. FocusMonk will have the power to remove or suspend accounts that violate any of these rules.


Each registration or creation of an Account is fora single User. The User must not at any time share his name and password with another person, and if he did, the improper use of the account will be the sole responsibility of the User.

Company Users will be able to manage all user accounts associated with the organization. Each of the user accounts of an organization will behave as a personal account for all other purposes.

The User who wishes to contract services through the Site must register indicating data of a personal nature, or related to the entity he represents, which may include, and is not limited to, his Rut or his national identity card, passport, address, mailing address. email and phone number. The User is responsible and guarantees the veracity, authenticity, accuracy and validity of the registered data. TheUser who registers on behalf of an entity, declares to have sufficient capacity and powers to represent said entity.

The User's registration on the Site implies knowledge and complete acceptance of theseTerms and Conditions of use.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the platform, user accounts will be created automatically when a non-registeredUser contracts a service.

Once registered and in order to carry out the payment, the User must create a secret password that will allow them to make purchases on the Website in a secure manner. The correct use and confidentiality of the secret key is the sole responsibility of the User. The User will have the possibility of changing the secret password, for this he must follow the instructions and procedure established on the Site.


The only party liable for the delivery of merchandise and products, or the correct and timely provision of the services offered on the Platform, which is accessed by exchanging points, is the third-party provider that uses the Platform for advertising or selling products. and services, or that appears in it through an agreement with an offer agglomerator or market place that advertises on the platform, Focus Monk not having any responsibility in such matter nor in the fulfillment of the obligations by the User . Notwithstanding this, Focus Monk will put all its efforts to ensure the quality and responsibility of third-party sellers, providers and advertisers of products and services, to the extent possible.

With everything and in terms of taxes, these third parties will be responsible for complying with all their legal and tax obligations derived from the sale of products or merchandise or the provision of their services and the income they receive from it.

Focus Monk does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the material contained in theApplication or Website. The Application or Website is not guaranteed to function uninterrupted or error-free. Unless expressly mentioned otherwise. The material contained on the Website is provided "as is" and "as available", without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind, either express or implied. The material and offers contained in the Application or the Website may be out of date, and there is no commitment to update it.

The User understands and accepts that the network and mobile services are not completely secure, being responsible for the security of their own devices, systems, credentials, and actions. It is up to the User to protect any password or other credentials associated with their use of the Platform or Account, being responsible for their security.

Focus Monk is not responsible for the veracity, integrity or updating of the information that is not of its own elaboration and for which another source is indicated, as well as those contained in other websites through hyperlinks or links from theApplication or the Website. , provided to the User or visitor as alternative sources of information. Focus Monk does not assume any responsibility for damages that may arise from the use of said information.

All the procedures of Focus Monk and its employees or managers, which depend on information provided by users, will be carried out according to the information actually provided by the User or visitor. To this end, Focus Monk and its employees or managers will not be responsible in the event that this information infringes the rights of third parties or contains errors or omissions. The User, theProvider or the visitor are each one absolutely responsible for the data provided in any form available on the Website.

Focus Monk is not responsible for the use that Users or third-party vendors, providers or advertisers make of the material available on the Application or Website. In that order, any activity that Users or third-party sellers, providers or advertisers carry out based on, using or taking into account the material available on the Application or Website is the sole responsibility of the Users and these third parties. Focus Monk recommends that Users adopt all measures, including security, that are pertinent and appropriate to use this material.

Focus Monk does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the Application and/orWebsite introduced by third parties unrelated to Focus Monk that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems of the User or in the electronic documents and files stored in their systems. . Consequently, Focus Monk will not be in any case responsible for any damages of any kind that may derive from the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files of the User. FocusMonk adopts various protection measures to protect the Application and/orWebsite and the contents against computer attacks by third parties. However,Focus Monk does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot know the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which the User accesses theApplication and/or Website. Consequently, Focus Monk will not be in any way responsible for any damages that may arise from such unauthorized access.


Every User undertakes to hold Focus Monk harmless from any claim, embargo or action derived from the contractual relationship that he subscribes, agrees or celebrates with a third-party seller, provider or advertiser.

By signing theseConditions, the User declares that they will hold harmless against any claim against Focus Monk, its parent company, directors, partners, employees, lawyers and agents derived from (i) breach by the User of any provision contained in these General Conditions of Use or in any law or regulation applicable to them, of (ii) non-compliance or violation of the rights of third parties, (iii) of any damage or harm caused by the User and/or their companions to a third party and (iv) breach of the permitted use of the Application and/or Website.

Focus Monk will provide the User with a platform where they can connect and contract with different products and services outside the company. The User waives and exonerates Focus Monk from any obligations, claims or damages arising as a result of the relationship with the third-party seller, provider or advertiser.Focus Monk will not become a party to any dispute between the User and the third party vendor, provider or advertiser.

Focus Monk will try to respond in a timely manner to any claim or suggestion reported to it by users, for which it makes available a communication channel with the Company's support team.


All Users must always act in good faith, both in the delivery of the information of their requirements and in the use of the platform. Any contrary act that supposes a violation of this principle and/or that constitutes a violation of the obligations contained in this instrument, such as mistreatment between Users, or between them and the seller, provider or advertiser, misleading, deceit or making content modifications without informing Focus Monk will mean the deletion of the registration and, in this case, the deletion of your account asa User.


Every User undertakes to provide at all times the information that the Company may require, be it prior to the accumulation, during its development or after it. The information requested will always be for the benefit of the Focus Monk community and in some cases, failure to provide said information may mean the suspension of the User's access account in order to encourage constant compensation between the parties.

Likewise, all Users may contact the Company's support team at the Help Center at any time, whether to request information about their account, its accumulation, or information about the services and products offered on the Platform, or about any observation or comment that needs to be made regarding the service offered by it or the Platform itself, since the idea is to generate a community in constant interaction and thus guarantee the security and quality of the service offered by the Providers.


Focus Monk uses the following technical data: IP address, history of visits to technology profiles of other users of the WebPlatform, the websites visited before/after, the offers visited by the user, as well as the duration of the visit/session, which allows him to execute the functionalities of the Web Platform. With this technical information, FocusMonk can manage the Web Platform, solve technical difficulties or improve the accessibility of certain contents thereof. In this way, we make sure that you can continue to find information on the Web Platform quickly and easily.When using it, we process the following technical data: IP-address, device ID, MAC-address, as well as information regarding the manufacturer, model, and operating system of the mobile device, if applicable. We use this data so that it is possible to execute and improve the functionality of the services offered by Focus Monk, to be able to solve technical difficulties, to provide you with the correct and most up-to-date version of the Web Platform.


The registration in the PlatformIt is free for platform users. FocusMonk will charge users, companies and entities that use the platform to sell products, offer services, or advertise, a variable rate depending on the characteristics and frequency of each redemption produced through the platform.

The values ​​of the services offered by third-party sellers, providers or advertisers will be duly informed on theCompany's Platform, through any of its channels, these will have a precise definition of the scope of the service offered and specific conditions of execution. The amounts and values ​​associated with each product or service have been defined or accepted exclusively by third-party sellers, providers or advertisers, and the Company is not responsible for it.

To complete the transaction it will be required that the User has accepted these Conditions. It is possible that the User of the Web Platform, before confirming the purchase transaction of a specific product or service, may have to accept additional conditions related to said service, due to some special condition, exclusion or other modality in the sale and delivery of the product or provision of the service.

To proceed with the payment of the contracted service(s) to a third-party vendor, provider or advertiser, the company's platform will provide the partial payment method for the contracted service plus a commission for use of the platform, (or to Focus Monk in case of doing it through the Webpay One Click application or similar). In this case, the User confers an express and irrevocable mandate in favor of the Company so that it can withhold, from any sum of money that it has received from the User, the amount or amounts that the third-party seller, provider or advertiser could owe to theCompany or the value of the contracted service itself so that the latter is delivered directly to the third-party seller, provider or advertiser. Only the means of payment reported on the Platform may be used.

Focus Monk does not store, in any case, the data of the credit cards registered by the users at the time of making the payments, without prejudice to the fact that they may be stored by a payment service provider such as OneClick.

With everything and in the event of any inconsistency that may exist between a request for products or services by aUser or the information provided by the User for it and the actual conditions of execution of the service, the third-party seller, provider or advertiser may refuse to execute said sale or service and/or, where appropriate, update FocusMonk the value of the service in accordance with the new contracted conditions.

12.1 Payment and billing conditions. 
The rates will be available at all times in the"quote" of the Website and are subject to possible modifications. TheUser is recommended to periodically access the Website to find out the applicable rates at any time.

The rates will be available at all times in the"quote" of the Website and are subject to possible modifications. TheUser is recommended to periodically access the Website to find out the applicable rates at any time.

In the cases in which Users pay for their services with a credit card, and in accordance with the provisions of thePrivacy Policy, the credit card data provided in the Registration Form will be sent to the payment provider company and responsible for storing said User data, It is no one Focus Monk case will have access to these data. The User must access or may be redirected to the payment provider's website through the link provided for this purpose in the Registration Form. In any case, the User is recommended to consult the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policies of third-party websites that are accessed through links included in theWebsite.

Focus Monk, for security reasons, will have the power to block, cancel or annul any payment method when there are reasonable suspicions about its improper use. In addition, it is not allowed to use the same payment method in more than two independent accounts. In the event that this happens, Focus Monk may proceed to block the Service to all accounts until the User documents ownership of both accounts and the payment method entered.

Focus Monk reserves the right to modify, expand, reduce, establish and/or eliminate any payment method at any time as it deems appropriate for the proper functioning of the Service. The fees applicable to the Service will be charged to the User at the time of requesting and scheduling the service and before its completion through the authorized means of payment directly to Focus Monk. It is prohibited to pay the value of the services directly to the providers.

12.2 About Offers, Discounts and Promotions.
Focus Monk reserves the right to restrict the use and to recover the amount of the promotions and discounts to those Users who make inappropriate, illegal or abusive use of them.

It is strictly prohibited for a User to create different Focus Monk accounts or share an electronic payment method with otherUsers in order to unduly benefit from discounts, which is considered an abusive use of them. In addition, Focus Monk reserves the right to cancel or reduce the value of discounts and/or promotions at any time. Finally, the value of the discounts may be limited to certain services and customers.


In the event of purchasing a product or requiring a payment service, payment may be made by charging the applicant's credit card.

We request that you pay attention to the details of any paid transaction that is made, since the total amount may include taxes, fees and expenses that you must pay.

If you purchase a subscription to a paid service, we will charge your payment method immediately and again at the beginning of each subscription period. You can unsubscribe at any time on your account settings page. If a service you subscribed to becomes unavailable during your subscription, you will not be billed at the beginning of the next subscription period.

13.1. Payment Methods.
In order to facilitate payment through the WebPlatform, you can pay your transactions with different methods, such as credit cards or other.

13.2. Authorization to make the payment.
By providing us with a payment method, you confirm that you are authorized to use it. By crediting a transaction, you authorize us(and our designated payment processor) to collect the full amount from the payment method indicated in the transaction. You also give us your consent for us to collect and store your payment method details, along with other transaction-related information.

13.3. Prior authorization from the issuer.
If you pay by credit card, we may require pre-authorization from the card issuer for an amount up to the full purchase amount. The amount will be charged to the card at the time of paying the transaction in the Focus Monk payment service. If you cancel a transaction before completing it, your funds may not be immediately available due to pre-authorization.

13.4. Use at will.
We may revoke your eligibility to use the FocusMonk payment service at any time at our sole discretion.

13.5. Consultations.
By using the Focus Monk payment service, you acknowledge and agree that we may request information we deem necessary, both directly and through third parties, regarding your identity and credit worthiness.

13.6. Our right to cancel.
We may cancel any transaction if we believe it violates these Terms of Use, or if we believe doing so will prevent potential financial loss. In addition, we may cancel any electronic value accumulated, transferred, assigned or sold as a result of fraudulent or illegal behavior.

13.7. Payment limitations.
In order to avoid any possible financial loss, either to you or to us, we may delay a payment, limit the payment methods of a transaction, restrict your ability to make a purchase, or deactivate your account.

13.8. Shared information.
In order to avoid any possible economic loss, either in your case or in our case, we may contact the issuer of your payment method or affected third parties (including other users) and share with them the data of any payment to which it relates if we believe that doing so may prevent potential financial loss or a violation of law.

13.9. Duty to notify us.
If you believe that a transaction has taken place on your account that is unauthorized or problematic, remember to notify us immediately so that we can take the necessary steps to avoid financial loss.Unless you submit the claim to us within 24 hours of the charge, you will have waived, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all claims against us arising out of or in any way related to the transaction.

13.10. Technical difficulties.
If you experience a technical failure or service interruption that causes a payment transaction to fail, please contact theCompany's support team.

13.11. Absence of responsibility for transactions carried out.
You understand that if you enter into a transaction with a third party and they have a dispute related to the services you have purchased, we have no liability in relation to such services. Our sole responsibility is to process your payment transaction. All such transactions are final unless required by law.

13.12. Tax liability.
Amounts we charge you, through your credit card or otherwise, may be subject to applicable taxes, including, without limitation, withholding taxes. You are responsible for paying any taxes applicable to your transactions. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim resulting from your failure to pay taxes.


Focus Monk reserves, in all respects, the right to update and modify these Terms andConditions of Use at any time. Consequently, the User must periodically review these terms and conditions of use, as they may be modified. Any change that implies substantial modifications to the relationship between Focus Monk andUsers will be notified to the email provided by the user on the Website.


Unless other wise stated, all copyright, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property rights in all materials on the Application or the Website (including, without limitation, photographs and graphic images) are and shall remain property ofFocus Monk or third parties that have authorized their use to Focus Monk. Therefore, the User or visitor to the Website is prohibited from any total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through analogue, digital or any other system or technology created, with out prior written authorization. by Focus Monk.

In any case, FocusMonk reserves all rights to the content, information, data and services that it may have on or with respect to them. The Application and the Website do not grant any license or authorization to use the User regarding its contents, data or services, other than that which is expressly detailed in these Terms. TheApplication and the Website and its content are duly protected in accordance with the international treaties signed by Chile, as well as the laws in force within the national territory, with regard to the protection of trademarks, copyrights, and other rights. legitimate registered data, which may be included in the Application or the Website and to which Users may have access. The trademarks, copyrights and other registered legitimate rights of third parties that may be included in the Application and the Website are used solely for referencing purposes, their use being duly authorized or intended by said third parties. In any case, Focus Monk reiterates that the ownership, use and exploitation of said third-party rights corresponds to each of the owners, not claiming any right over them.

Focus Monk is expressly exempt from all responsibility for the uses that the User gives to any content obtained from the Application or the Website or in connection with it, whether these are owned by Focus Monk or third parties. Focus Monk is only responsible for providing the services and information it provides through the Application and the Website.
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