Your Guide to Getting Started

Beginning your journey with the Focus Monk app is a simple, three-step process:
Company Registration
Register your company on FocusMonk and create a central account for team management.
Set Team Focus Schedule
Plan and set a collective focus schedule for your team, balancing work and break times for optimal productivity.
Implement Apps Control
Customize which apps are accessible to your team during focus sessions to maintain a distraction-free environment.
Add Team Members
Use the 'Add Members' feature to onboard your team members, either individually.
Download the App and Web Extension
Ensure your team downloads the FocusMonk app on their respective devices. Don't forget to add our web extension for enhanced control over team browser usage.
Monitor Team Performance
Track your team's overall focus and productivity through the Performance screen.
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You'll be ready to embark on a more focused productivity experience. Enjoy the tranquility of efficient
digital life and earn rewards for maintaining focus.

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Embrace a Distraction-Free Digital Environment

Begin your journey to a more productive, efficient, and clear-minded digital life today
With Focus Monk, get insights into your focus time, time saved, and distractions. Make yourdigital environment serve you, not hinder you.
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